Trust research activities

Security is not only an issue of cryptographic algorithms and protocols. Security is also a matter of trust. Trust that the secure device works exactly as it should, with no hidden capabilities or weaknesses, trsut that the tests of this device have been deep enough to give a great level of assurance on its security properties, trust that this device does not imply risks for user privacy in giving a possibility of tracing of users transactions, for example. Two research axis are explored in this topic:

Privacy: We define and analyze systems in order to guarantee the privacy of users. It concerns the definition of tools to filter requets to access personnal data of an user (Johann Vincent's PhD thesis) or the propostion of cryptographic protocols and architectures to limit the transmission of personnal data of users (Aude Plateaux's PhD thesis).

Security: Trust can be achieved if an information system has been designed by considering security issues. It concerns as for exemple the secure deployment of applications on a mobile device (Vincent Alimi's PhD thesis), the definition of a fraud resistant mobile payment system (Chrystel Gaber's PhD thesis), the security of e-commerce (Refka Abellaoui's PhD thesis).



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